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Indonesian Antiques.nl

Collectables and Tribal Art from Indonesia, 

recollected for you in the Netherlands.



More souvenirs from Indonesia’s past are to be found in Holland than in Indonesia itself. This may come as a surprise to you, but the former colonial power is a treasurehouse for Indonesian antiques, for many reasons.

This dutch based website shows you many beautiful objects, collected for you by dedicated  artlovers and collectors, after a scroutinous search in dusty attics and local auctions.

 Indonesia offers an amazing variety and wealth in its many different cultures, each of which  have left behind many stunnig objects. In our webshop we offer our clients a wide variation of objects of historical interest from Indonesia. 

 Our emphasis is on brass (kuningan), daggers and swords, like krisses (keris). We also offer woodcarvings from Bali and Java, and Wayang puppets in all its variations. And there is of course the Etnografica; objects from the far corners of Indonesia, like Papua (Asmat) , Timor and Alor.


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