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antique indonesian atjeh warshield , reuse.

Antique Atjeh shield, or peruse. Round rattan made shield with brass star shaped ornaments. Good condition. Pre WW2.

And a brass version of the same shield.

Atjeh war shield, peruse.

Brass sirihset.

Fine octagonal javanese betelset, used to consume the betelnut or pinang. Sturdy size and weight,  very  well decorated with traditional motifs, which often originate from the Mojapahid period. Made around 1880.  Octogonal sets are quite rare. The bottom is decorated with a star as a makersmark.

antique Indonesian brass betel set
antique Indonesian brass betel set

A wooden model of a street merchant. In this case a Jamu seller. Java around 1920. 18 cm.

antique Indonesian brass betel set

A Borneo sirihbox. Brass,19 th. century

antique Indonesian brass betel set
antique Indonesian brass ghendi, waterbottle.
antique Indonesian brass ghendi , waterbottle

A fine hardwood carving of a Balinese young man. 

Bali, around 1940. Height 40 cm.

A brass watervessel or Ghendi. 

Originating from the Sumatran highlands. End 19 th.century.

A delicate woodcarving from Bali, depicting a sleeping woman.

Bali, around 1940.

A well known piece of Sumatran brassware is this brass watelkettle. Sumatra around 1920.

brass kettle
balinese woodcarving

A delicate Balinise woodcarving , showing Dewi Ratih. Bali 1940’s.

The ivory hilt of a small sumatran keris.

sumatran keris

Petruk is one of the best known character in the Wayang play.

Wayang kulit, Java , around 1940.

wayang kulit-petruk

An exquisite Padang keris. Ivory hilt , delicately carved. Decorated goldplated selut. Sumatra 19th. century.

luggage labels antique.

A set of original paper trunk labels, used when travelling to and from The Netherlands East Indies. Around 1950.

A Javanese harvesting knife, with a decorated horn handle

A hardwood carving of a Balinese woman. Bali, around 1940. Height 40 cm.

kuningan, javanese antique brassware.

A Brass table bell, Java,around 1910. 

Decorated with two Naga’s and a wayang character on the top. These items were popular with the Dutch, during colonial times.

A fine Ghendi, or waterbottle.

From the South Sumatran highlands, around 1900.

brass ghendi, sumatran waterbottle